Gustavo Sagorsky

Gustavo Sagorsky
workshop en anglais

The main idea is to examine the relationship between photography and sculpture. The aim is to merge the social commitment inherent in some street photography with the introspective and isolated act of working with objects in the studio.
The process will begin with photography tasks in the street, where the students will be asked to relate to elements in the urban environment as sculptural components. They will need to collect these components and bring them to the studio. With these objects they will create ensemble sculptures which will only exist in the photographs taken. (If it is possible they will be printed and made into a pop-up show.)

Workshop ouvert principalement aux étudiantes et étudiants de 2e mais aussi aux 3e, 4e et 5e année à raison de 12 personnes au total.

Inscriptions auprès du secrétariat pédagogique et/ou auprès de Burkard Blümlein.

Sur une invitation de Burkard Blümlein, professeur de sculpture à la Villa Arson.